Welcome to Snowdell Gundogs; gundog training and breeding

The Snowdell affix was first registered by my Father, Ross Haddow, more than forty years ago. Snowdell was the name of a drive on a shoot in North Lincolnshire where he shot regularly throughout many seasons. For many years he trialled both Labradors and Springer spaniels, but when we moved into the heart of the best foxhunting country his interest turned to horses and hunting.

When my husband and I started to train gundogs we were delighted and privileged when my father signed over the Snowdell name to us.

Snowdell Gundogs have a small kennel in North Lincolnshire surrounded by open country with ideal facilities for training gundogs. We believe that gundogs should be, first and foremost, shooting dogs and with that in mind our aim is to produce dogs that are biddable and easy to train with sound conformation and good temperaments. Our dogs will all be out regularly throughout the shooting season picking up on local shoots.

Snowdell Gundogs have English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spanielsand Labradors. We sometimes have puppies and older dogs for sale. We take dogs in for training, both for gundog and general obedience, and also help people to train their own dogs by giving one-to-one tuition. Microchipping carried out at competitve prices.